Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bomb alley kid No 28

                                                              Bomb Alley  Kid  No 28

At last we hear on the radio that the Germans have surrendered,and the war is now over in Europe,so there will be big celebrations,all over  Britain. { except I guess in Wales } because the Germans didnt win and kill all us English, so they wont  celebrate I guess.My Dad says not to be too quick to come home just yet because our house has not been finnished  being re- built just yet,so give it a few more days or  weeks,then we can come home.I will be sorry to leave my two Welsh friends Gorden and Allun,because owing to them my stay wasnt  that bad I suppose. and I would have had a miserable  time here in North Wales without them as friends.When I next see them and tell them that we will soon be going home thay are very happy for me, and say that they are going to move away from this place as well, and are going to live in Porthmadog,  a few days later we hear from my Dad that our house is more or less ready,So Mum says we will pack our things and catch a train on the following Saturday as we have paid for our keep up untill then.I cant wait, and start to pack up my soldiers, and the model planes into the box  that they came in that dad made,Mum packs our clothes into our suitcases, so by the Saturday we are all ready to leave then I  say to mum what shall I do with my little fish. and she says take him and put him back into the river But I want to take him home with me ,so Mum say we can try but he will probbaly die on such a long journey, but I am determined to give it a into his jamjar he goes, in the morning.Allun Gorden and his Mum come to the station to see us off,when the train comes in we find a compartment and open the window  so that we can wave to Gorden Allun and his Mum as the train moves out,I feel a little bit sad as we wave them goodbye.When we arrive at Crew Sation  another  lady joins us in the compartment, and Mum and her sart to talk,this  lady asks about my  little fish, and says I should hang the jar out of the window as the water in his litttle jar must be getting warm,and if I hang it outside the wind will cool it down this is a good idia so I do this  I have to hold onto the jar really tight as the train gathers speed. I Manage this all the way to London where we have to change trains and get into the one that will take us to Canterbury this will only take a two hours from Victoria Station, and we will be back home in Canterbury, I feel kind of strange I cant believe we are really nearly home, when we arrive at canterbury Station my Uncle Jack is there to meet us with a car that I recognise because its the one that was used to pull the fire tender trailer that my dad used to drive for the fire station, its still in the grey colour that I rember,Uncle Jack  tell us he bought it from the council as it wasnt needed any got it for next to nothing, on the way to Jacks Farm we  pass our old house, or as it is now our new house, we are going to the farm so that we can get washed and cleaned up, and my gran will have something for us to eat.after we have eaten and cleaned up I ask if I can go and find my toys that were in the shed that was a store house for our furniture and things,but when I open the big box that the toys are in there are not very many in it.when I ask my Gran where they are she says that probbaly my two cousins John and Ciril have had them to play with,Mum says if thats the case there wont be many left as they break everything,this means that all my trains and railway tracks that dad made for me, and all my dinky cars and everything are no longer there.Mum says there is no point in saying anything to Aunt Flow as she would denigh it anyway.I didnt think that my own realations would do all the railway layouts that dad made, a fort and two really big steam trains  stations Etc are all gone.When we are ready Uncle Jack will take us to our new house, I say I must change the water in the jar for my little fish as he  has lived all the way home,so I take him and the jar down to the gravel pits on jack farm put new clean water in for him.but when we are ready to leave I find he has I am so sad that he has but no one told me that a change of water  would kill him and he should have been left in the  jar and gradualy left to get used to the new water and tempriture, so I put him in a match box and bury my happiness  was a little sad.Anyway I still have my Mum and Dad,which is the  best thing about comming home, but because my dad has to work he cant come home untill  later on as he still works in Chatham with Short Brothers factory,it isnt very long before I meet up with my old play friends Len Smith, and Derek Butler, his brother Allen,and of course their sister Jean.also  Brian Southern, Roger Goodman, but again I have to go to school  as I am only thirteen,but will attend the county modern school up at Hersden, about two miles away but I still have a cycle so we can all cycle together to school,some pupils go by buses others walk .
           Now at last we can all start to regain our old friendships,and I am lucky that my Dad is able to come home and stay at last. New friends will come along.,but this will be another part of my life.after we all leave school,and start to go to work.

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