Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Monday, 14 February 2011

Bomb Alley Kid.No 26

                                                                                bomb alley kid No 26

Enventualy my Mum finds a bed and breakfast house in a little villiage called Bleanau Ffestinog away in the hills, I dont want to go to school anymore,because I am fedup with haveing to make new friends,but once again we pack our cases,and set off to find this little place,having found it,and the l who is about my Mums age and seems very nice,she shows us up to the room which we will be staying,and its quite a big room for a change,and has a nice big bed in it which will make more room for me and mum to sleep,as I still have to sleep with Mum,so this will give us more room, my Mum always puts a pillows down the middle of any bed we sleep in,to seperate us, but this is like haveing a third person in the bed and takes up space.The following day having settled in and unpacked,Mum decides that we should go to the school that I will attend,and meet with the head Mistress, its a very small school,and only has three classes,I have never seen such a small school.its really not much more than a shed with three rooms in it. So on the Monday we go to the school to meet the teacher whose class I will be in,she takes me to the class, and introduces me to the other pupils,she tells them I am English,and then talks in Welsh,so I have no idia what she is saying,anyway Mum leavs me to settle in at my desk, the other pupils the lift up the desk lids, and take out slates, and some chalk I have never seen pieces of slate that one has to write on with chalk,the teacher then goes on to speak in Welsh again,so I put up my hand to say I dont understand Welsh,she then says I will pick it up in time,then some of the other kid start to laugh,its all very embarassing for me, and I feel fed up and miserable by the end of the day,I dont think I will enjoy this school at all.also the children are very hostile towards me,and some even say that they hope the Germans win the war and kill all the English because the English drove them all into the hills,which is known as Wales,what they dont seem to realise is if the Germans did win the war they woulnt stop at the boarder of Wales,they would take over Wales a well, after school some of the kid throw stones at me and call me names,but there are two boys that stick up for me, and these two boys become good friends,they tell me that the kids who throw the stones and call me name are from slate quarry families,and are always a rough lot, During the next few weeks things get slightly better,except for the teacher who still ignores me, and one hour or so a week the whole class go into the another class but I am not allowed in because I am English,Gorden and his brother tell me this is where they are tought about the history of Wales,and to learn I have nothing to do during this time except sit in an empty classroom untill they return,I am begining to hate these Welsh kids except for Gorden and his brother,here in this villiage they have never seen or had an air raid or any bombings let alone seem a German plane, or any dead bodies,except in the local picture house,thats also a laugh as the picture house is just a tin shack,and when it rains which is very often,you can hear it hitting the tin roof. Mum and I go to the so called cinema about three times a week because it passes the the time in the evenings for us,A good bit of news is that my Dad has written to say he maybe able to come up to see us for a few days sometime soon,this is great news, I havnt seen my Dad for nearly a full year now, and even though he wrights to me once a week I still miss him a lot,We also hear on the news that our army, and the Americans further down the French coast have landed in France,again,so lets hope that we can push the Germans army back into Germany,and end this war and we can go home.

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