Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bomb alley kid No 27

                                                                                bomb alley kid No 27

Mum andi start to go on the trains to other places  around Wales ,such as Colwyn bay,Llandudno, Porthmadog,and we sometimes take Gorden and his brother Allun,as they ar good friends of mine and  mums I have had tea with them and they with us, we also go to the cimema together,but I am still not excpted by the majority of the other Welsh  kids,but  who cares.they are not worth bothering with anyway,or that teacherwho still more or less ignors me in classand continues to talk in Welsh to everyoneone, so I am not being tought anything except  to dislike the Welsh.Good news at last,my Dad has written to say he will be able to come  to see us for a few he has some  leave to come,this is great news, and I cant wait to see him,its been so long.One friday night the lady we stay with comes up stairs to  say there is a man at the  door who would like to see her,I my Mum knew all along who it was but said nothing to me,so that it would be a supprise, I hear footsteps on the stairs and assume  its Mum comming back to our room,but when the door opens its My Dad who stands there.I am so happy and throw my arms around him,and burst into tears,because I hav not seen him for so very long my Mum is also in tears, and my  Dad is  also  teafull as well itsa very emotional  time for us all, My dad has two big suit caseswith him and says I can start to open one of them and start to unpack it I start this and find a wooden box  under some of the clothes, it is about eighteen inches square and six inches deep, dad says I can open t and when I do it has many toy soldiers for me,to play with under them is another layer of  cotton wool,and  under this is is a perfect model of an Sunderland Flyingboat painted  in silver paint,and on the side where the registration No. would be, Dad has put the the year that he made it.1944. but thats not all under the next layer there are  two more aircraft,one is a Spitfire, and the other is an American  Mustang fighter all to scale.down to the last thing.Dad says he  made them from Balsawood which  Short brothers use to make up mockup parts for new bits of the  Sunderlands,which are then sent to be made up in aluminium metal for the real plane.I really cant thank dad  enough for these,but he say its for looking after my Mum for him whilst we are apart. but Dad would say this  because thats my Dad,and how he would  dismiss it,but I know  he really was thinking of I will  hang these up on the ceiling  but not play with them as I woulnt like to  breakany of them,while Dad is here we go for walks,and play bowles in the park which make up part of the Square  where we stay which is { No 15 the Square Bleanau Flestiniog } we also go to the cinema or the shed  that they call a cinema,I tell dad that they dont like the English up here, and I only have two friends Gorden and Allun,I also tell about the teacher who wont speak English so I am not learning anything at school.but I know she can speak English if she wants too.Dad says not to worry  or let it bother me  because he thinks the war may be comming close to the end.and is taking a turn for the better.our soldiers and the Americans are taking more and more ground.

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