Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

bomb Alley kid No 24

                                                                                    Bomb Alley kid  N0 24

        Mum says she is going with the lady that we stay with to see if she can get a job where this lady works,so she will have to make  new friends if she gets this job,so in some  respects we are both in the same boat, and it will be strange untill we settle in here,My Mother has never had to work before,except when she was  a young nurse way back in her twenties. now the day has come when I have to report to this new school,I feel  very nurvous about this, as its is a very large school,and I feel  lost in it,but after a week or two I have been able to make some friends, and  before  long I can meet some after school, and go out to  play with them so I think now I have settled down  with this new place.and also I am one of the gang, there is another  estate  quite close to us,and  in this estate there is another gang,and they have fights with the gang I am in in this estate these fights are really rough,and they throw stones, and things at us,so we  do the same  back to them  but some of them have catapults which gives them an advantage,so we decide to make some of our own,sometimes there are some nasty injuries on both sides as it happends it is our side that usualy wins the fights.I must admit I never knew that thse things went on because it never happend in my village but I must admit I do enjoy battles and trying to hit one of the otherside with a stone  from my catapolt,must say life here is very different  from what I rember at home.I must admit I dont like this estate very much,or the kids that live here,so I dont care  very much if I hurt any of them,perhaps this is oneway of  getting some of my frustration out of my system .My Mum has got a job at a place called Trinly Park, so at least  we have some money comming in to add to what my Dad sends us,and mum buys little things to make us feel  more at home in our room.My Dad sends us letters,  and he seems to be enjoying  this job at Short Brothers,he say he has to deliver lots of  aircrafty parts like wings  and tailplanes  all over the country, and he has made many new friends, He says that the air raids are still pretty heavy,but he says he is  so tired at the  end of the day that he  sleeps through  most of them,He hopes we are enjoying  where we are but misses us very much, but in some respects we are lucky  to be away  where there are no air raids.or not very many. But we must just rember that we can all be togther once this war is over.God willing.   but one day when I come home from school I find my Mother comforting the lady we stay with,she is in a terrible state,the same as Mrs,Rose was when she heard that her son Raymond had been killed in action,now  its this womans husband that has also been killed, and she is holding the  telegram, telling of terrible  bad news.he was killed action in Africa,I can feel for her a  little because I know how I would  feel if the same thing happend to my Dad,Mum say I should go out to play with the boys,and she will call me in in  due course.
           We have now lived with this lady for about nine or ten months, so the sooner we can win this war the better for all of us.Now that she ha lost her husband she says  she will move and go and live with her sister somewhere up north,I hope this means that we may go home now.But no such luck  as dad says our house  has not been re built as we cant go back what now I think,what will we do,Meanwhile I have moved up one form at this school in Shinfield Estate. so this means that if we move away again I will have to make new friends just as I was getting on with the friends here.I  feel fed up with  having to keep moving  from place to place.

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