Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Sunday, 23 January 2011

bob alley kid No 23

Bomb Alley kid N0 23

Having packed our suit cases with whatever we deem important,we say goodbye to my aun,t and uncle thanking them for allowing us to stay with them over the last  six months,Dad helps to carry our cases down to the bus which will take us to the station in Canterbury, and the train which will take us to London, I really dont want to go,and its very hard to say goodbye to my dad as I love him very much, and will miss him,and his jokes, and his sense of humour, also his stories of his working days when  we have dinner  in the evenings.Dad say he will write to me to keep me infomed of how things are going,also he will tell me all about the flying boats, and what they are like,and where he has been,I can tell my dad is  upset at us going away as much as me,I really wish I could say with him ,and let my Mum go away, by now the train we are to catch is pulling into the ststion,Dad opens the door of the carriage,and puts our cases inside,so I have to reallise that this is it,and we are going away,I give my Dad a big hug, as the Gaurd sounds the whistle  letting the driver  know he can move off I can see  tears in my Dads eyes, and I have  never seen my dad like that in my the train begins to move off all we can do is wave to each other.My Mum seems to be taking it all O K,but I cant help but wonder when I might see Dad again.
           On the train there are many soldiers, and airmen, and the sailers who are going to Chatham  Navy base where they will join their ships,two hours later we arrive in London we have to change  trains for one that is going to Reading,arriving at reading we have to catch a bus to a place called Shinfield Estate,I have never sen so many house in one place,its like a big town to me. but all houses, we find the house where the lady lives that we are to stay with, and she seems very nice,and  has made dinner for us after we have eaten she takes us upstairs to show us the room where  now will use as our home, she  says we will be welcome to come down and sit with her in the front room and she says she will wellcome our company,she says her husband is in the army, and is  in Africa fighting the Germans troops.I will have to sleep with my Mum as there is not another bed in the room.I dont feel very cumfortable about this at all as I have never had to sleep with anyone  even my Dad that I can rember, as I always had my own room back home.Next day my Mum say she will go and see the Headmaster or Misstress at  the school  I will have to attend, so an appointment will be made to give me a little test to find out what class I will be I  to be have  given some sums, and writing to do, and the teacher says she will notify Mum how I  fair.also when I can start at the school.this school is far larger then  my old school, and so many boys and girls,I dont really fancy this school its so overwhelmingly big, and to someone like me  comming from a smaller I will have to grin and bare it as Dad would say. We hear from the school to say I will start in form three,as owing to the schooling I lost back home, I do not come up to their will have to do a lot to catch up,Mum says the reason  they are in advance to me is owing to the schooling we lost in our county kent with all the air raids.and bombings,so they have not lost so much schooling. this is  why my Mum decided to come away from home to here as its much safer.and I will learn more..

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