Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Monday, 17 January 2011

Bomb Alley Kid No 22

                                                                              Bomb all  No 22           

Now that we have no home to live in, and my Dad is going to work in Chatham, my mum thinks it may be better if we moved away from Kent so she is gong to make enquiries as to where we might go,she find out that Berkshire  seems to be pretty quiet,so the person who gave her that imformation will also give her some address to write to as the  women is  a friend of hers,so Mum writes to this woman and recieves a reply to say we would be very welcome  to come and stay with her,and she can also find Mum some work so she will have money help with  the money Dad sends us,also there is a school very close to where she lives so that I can  continue  my schooling, I am not very happy about  moveing  because it will mean I have to  leave all my friends and I would rather stay around  somewhere that I  know rather than  have to make new friends.But Mum has made up her mind so we shall move, My dad isnt very happy either about it,as I hear him and Mum talking and he feels it may break up the family,also he would be able to spend weekends with us if we were  nearer,but difficult if we are  all that way away,also travel isnt all that easy with a war going on, and Reading  town is the other side of  London in the west,But my Mum  says she knows Reading  well because my Grandad was  a Skipper on one of the Thames pleasure  Boats when she was  a young girl.infact their Farm was named Letchlade after one of Grandads favourite parts of  the Thames after they moved to Kent.But my Mum  has made up her mind and says she cant stand all the bomings and such that are ging on and is playing on her nerves,so Dad says if thats how she feels then I suppose there is nothing  for it but to let us move..I ask my dad if we really .do have to go,but he says if thats how Mum feels then it will have to be, but again I dont want to leave  my Dad  and my friends, Dad says he dosnt want to not see me and mum either  as often as he could if we were nearer.but Mum has made up her mind so thats it.and if it is likely to make mum ill staying here, then its the best thing for we dont want her to be ill do we ? Dad says he will be able to come and see us sometimes when he can.and when he has the time.    

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