Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bomb Alley kid No 25

                                                            Bomb Alley kid No. 25

My Mum has found a new place for us to move to at last,through  her friends at work,this new place is called LLan in North Wales,so Mum has written to a hotel there to ask if we  could stay there
untill we  can find another house with a room for us to stay,during the next few weeks we begin to pack and make arrangements  to move ,I cant be bothered with another move even further away from home,Wales is a long way away ,Mum says that up there in Wales they have never had any air raids at all ,and dont know what raids are,so this will be like living before the war, so once again its onto a train with our suitcases after saying goodbye to to the lady we stayed with,and  hope things will get better for her as time goes bye,my Mum says  she must put her faith in God as he always does things for a reason,and some good will come from it sometime in the future,but I am begining  to doubt all this.

          Once again we board a train for somewhere that I have never heard of in this country called Wales.we seem to be traveling on this train all day.I know we have to change trains at a place called Crew up north,we talk to many people on route with this train, but I wish we were heading back home,to my Dad  but instead we are heading further away,and I feel I shall never see much of my Dad  as he wont  be able to travel all this distance for just a weekend,at last we arrive at Crew and change trains for another  station Called Colwyn Bay,where we change trains again for another station called Ffestiniog where this hotel is . At last we arrive tired and half dead. at this little villiage or town, and we can at last wash and clean up,I must its nice to be able to get rid of all the smoke and dirt.we are offered a nice cup of tea by the staff. The little hotel is very old fashioned with big wooden beams,I like the big old grandfather clock that stands in the hall because  it tells the moon phases,the month, { also  tells the time,}  also has very nice chimes as well, at dinner we meet two men in uniform which I have not seen before,at least they speak English  which is  nice as trying to understand the  locals is difficult and they speak amoung themselves, for really sounds very funny, these two men tell us that thy are stationed here as they are  from the London Art Gallery, and the most valuable  painting from  the gallery  these are kept in one of the caves up in the hills,for safe keeping,they say that once we have settled in and feel more at home they will take me and another boy that also stays here up to the mountain with my Mum,to let us see the place.apparently the tempriture in the cave is constant, this is very important as the pictures have to be kept at a constant tempriture to stop them from fadeing  and getting damaged,I am looking forward to this sometime,one of the men says if we think we can walk up to the area he will give us  two   of their crown badges that they wear on their shoulder epaulette,as only the people that work at the London gallery can wear these,he says its a long walk and climb and we wont be able to do it,
so he has thrown us  a challenge.we both recon we can do it,if we do we will get a lift back down  in ther car,so this means we wont have to walk all the way down. { I still have these badges } these two men are really nice to me and Mum and the other lad and his Mum,One nice day we ask if this day will be O K to walk up to see them,and they say  O K and will keep an eye open for us,so they draw a map so that we know which road track to keep on,they say it will will take us about an hour or more to reach the entrance so after leaveing the hotel we set off without Mum as she says she has other things to do that day so with some lunch packs  which have been made up for us we ste off .its a lovlely day  so we take our time and  take rests to eat our sndwiches and to look back to where we have come from,it really is a long way back to see the hotel and villiage,and this is only half way up and we can see for miles over other hills and valleys,but at last we come to  the entrance of the cave,which is cover by two big doors and we wonder how we can  get in do we knock  or what ? but the men must have seen us and open up the doors, Inside the tunnell is lit by electric lights,both men are pleased too that we made it up,and take us into a long tunnell to more doors which they say is where the pictures are kept but we cannot go inside as they would get into trouble if they let us in so they take us to another area of this cavern,it really is amazing how it has all been dug out,now that we have been inside,and shown around it is nearly time for the men to  stop work and return  back to to hotel,they lead into anothjer tunnell  at one point you have to  duck down  to miss the roof  this is a different way to what we came in and I dont like being so enclosed and feel a little scared,but they tell it is all perfectly safe and only a few more yards to the exit but boy am I  pleased to see the exit, I dont like such  enclosed places,I didnt know that I would not be so scared,so as far as I am concerened  its the last and only time I go into a small cave.we  then  get into their car  which  was just outsde  this exit and we drive back to the hotel when we get back  the keep their word and give us the two badges as primised,.actualy it was a very good time, and we enjoyed the day out, We stayed at this Hotel for quite some time,but Mum says we will have tio find somewhere  else to stay as its very expensive to stay here,and my Dad cant keep paying out for us to stay here as he has to pay out for his lodgeings in Chatham ,also I am missing a lot of schooling.and will have to find another school to attend.. 

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