Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

after 1945 No 1

                                                                             LIFE AFTER 1945

Now that the war is over,we can now perhaps start to live a little better, not so many restrictions,for a start we can go out without takeing those Gas Masks with us,of course food is still rationed,and we still have clothing coupons for getting clothing,and  we have couponds for petrol,so me and my pals can now go out for rides on our bikes after school,without the thought that there may be an air raid warning sounding off,and having to run for cover back home to our shelters.We still attend school,but after school and tea,we meet up at the pub in Fordwich { not to drink } but its a meeting place for us, there is Len Smith.Brian southern.Allan Fuller,the Tod boys. Jimmy Tamset.Roy White.Roy Edwards,    and we decide what we will do for the evening,sometimes we go for a walk through the woods,sometimes we just go for a ride around the country roads,sometimes we  just  go for long walks and sing, walking along the top road trying hard to harmonise, then its home for bed, and up for school in the morning usualy we all meet and cycle together to school,I"me not very good at lessons at school owing to the year in Wales when I never did any when tests come up I am usualy close to the bottom of them, so much so that when they are read out by the master he usualy says  { and now to Pankhurst,one day he may make 30 %  } I dont think the maths  master likes me very much because if I ask him for some help  he will just say I should pay more attention, and concentrate  more as a result I  dislike  maths  lessons. but I do like woodwork,and metal work,and do get obove average marks for these usualy.also I like biology,most of the boys do because the teacher is we pay more attention,to her and when she comes  over  to help with a question she has to bend over to check what we  have  ask about or written.and then you get a good view down her front.this is when I notice that Girls have bomps where boys dont. also they  smell nicer.She used to give extra tuition in the evening after school,at her home,and this  led to her becomming pregnant by one of the older pupils,and they eventualy  got married,as one had to in those days, as it was concidered a disgrace,and the child would be  a Bastard,if born ouside of Marriage,and looked down on.of course she had to leave teaching,but it wasnt as intresting after that because they had a male teacher take over, now that I am fourteen I am old enough to leave school next term, and because  my reports  show that I am behind  a lot of the other pupils, Dad and Mum say if I want I can leave and start work.I suppose.To-day they would blame the teachers  for my lack of education.or the shool.I was I stayed on to learn about metawork and Woodwork,geography and science,and what other countries people did  or produced.I  think this is why I was called the professor by some of the kids because I really liked this area of school,I knew profesors usualy smoked pipes,so I took one to school just for a laugh, and one day in assembly I  was at the back of the hall and took out the pipe and  prended to be smoking it,unseen by the teachers,but someone saw what I was doing and started to laugh then others  untill the teachers got wind of it,and ask what was  the joke,and someone said Pankys got a pipe sir, and everyone stared to laugh  actualy I expected to be in real trouble but was never reprimanded or given any detention,infact some of the teachers had to laugh  as well, I was then told to put it away  and said I might have guessed it was you Pankhurst.

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