Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Monday, 29 August 2011

after 45 No 2

                                                                 After 45 No 2

There was only one boy in that school who didnt like me very much,and he was the school bully,he always picked fights with new boys,or made fun of them untill they cried,one day when we were playing cricke he decided to pick on me,and saying I was no go good,and calling me pancake,I had had enough of him in the past but never bothered to answer him because he had a bit of a tough gang  of boys  in his gang,this day he decided to have a go at me again,he seemed to like trouble,I always  tried to avoid trouble,But this time I had had enough, I just turned on him and landed a good punch on his face,he was so taken aback, and supprised that he was taken off gaurd so I landed him with another good punch,then we were soon rolling on the ground fighting and restling,which ended with his nose bleeding,and a sore arm and me with a black eye and sore ribs,a teacher eventualy parted us and we were given five hundred lines to do after this meant I would be late getting home,because you were not allowed to leave school untill you completed them,I eventualy finnished mine, but I was concerned that his pals might  be waiting for me outside school, or perhaps had damaged my bike,but there was no one to be seen, and  my bike was O K so I was pleased about this.When I got home my Mum and Dad had wondered where I had been, but I told them what had happened at school,my Dad said I had done the right thing to have a go at this boy,and perhaps now  he would leave  me alone.I really never thought I could loose my temper, and get involved in a fist fights, but was pleased that I had made a stand aginst him, but I was also concerned that he and his mates would have another go at me next day at school,When I arived  at school next morning  he was waiting for me, I thought here we go again,he came over to me and  said that he didnt think I would fight like I did, and wondered if I would like to be part of his gang,I wasnt very interested but said I would,mainly so that I wouldnd have any more trouble with him and his gang,I tryed to talk him out of being a bully sometimes, but it was a part of his life and I think it was his way of being respected by others.also I learned that his Dad who was a minor working down the pit and was also  involved in fights at the pub,quite often, so it was  something I suppose that he had to do because his farther was the same. and he  had to try to keep his Dads respect  by being a tough lad.

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