Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bomb Alley Kid No 45 all is fine.

                                Bomb Alley Kid No 45

                               New start.all is fine.

I have a phone call fom Tess the woman who was willing to pay forAngela to go to the USA,and she has been very good to us lending us her cottage down in Sumerset,while Angela was Ill, and now she is  saying that I must have a holliday and relax, she and her family are going to Florida,and she insists I should join them for the 3 weeks there,and bring Craig and Glenn,I really dont want to spend any more money, but Tess says she has booked it up,and I am included, all I have to do is pay my share to her, which she says I can do useing some of  the money I have left from the sale of Dads house,so get some  Dollers for spending over there, Unfurtunaly Glenn cant really take three weeks off from his new job so soon,so would rather stay at home with Irene,and they can look after the house while I am away.I really could do with out this added expence but seeing she has already included me in the holiday I dont have any excuse, anyway Craig will enjoy it,and it will do him good as well as leaving Glenn to look after the house Craig and I fly down to Heathrow where Tesses doughters boy friend will pick us up and take us down to Chilham near Canterbury,where Tess lives then we can all travel up to Gatwick airport together next fly out to America where we will stay at Clearwater a very nice Hotel right on the beach,
        Having spent a nice time in Florida, and enjoyed seeing Disney World, kenney space centre,Bush gardens and such we leave to come home, I guess the trip has made me feel a little better,and less depressed than I was, ariveing back in Glasow and home Glenn has some news for me.he says he and Irene are going to get Married partly because Irene is Pregnant this is good news, but a bit of a suprise, but it will mean he will have a new life for himself in the future as a husband  with a wife and baby, Meanwhile Craig  has joined a diving  club, and has been offered a job in the dive shop which opperate the swimming club and teaches diving to members of the public,Craig has also got himself a paper round to earn more money for himself.Now I hear from my cousin back home in Canterbury that my Uncle Jack had been taken into hospital,with Lung Cancer,and has died, now Uncle jack and I got on well also he liked Angela and we would go out to dinner with him when we used to go home on holliday in the past, He wasnt a drinker nor did he I hear that there is an inheritance of some money for me, Uncle Jack always had fast cars and his last car was a porche,so I ask if I could have this car as part of my inheritance,so this is agreed,so now I have a really nice sports car to drive,and craig and I go down to bring it back.glenn and Irene  have arranged to be married  and they have bought a house in Banknock.Irene has given Birth to,a lovley little girl who they are going to call Jemma Angela,Craig and one of the dive members have made an offer to buy the dive club and shop and it has been excepted, so things are looking up,over the years Glenn and Irene have also had two more children a little girl who they will call Gail. and a boy Called Drew.Craig and his Mate Ricky have  done very well in the diving world and now have five shops,I have retired  and handed my business over to Glenn who is also doing very well too.What a pity that Angela will never see any of this, but I a shure she would have been very proud of them am I.
      So thats the end of my story.I have learned a lot during these years, and its how near one can become to ending it all,its a  razors edge, and you can go one way or the other  quite easly so I now understand more how some poor people just go  over the  wrong side of  the razors edge.                                               so                                       alls fine now for the a Bomb Alley Kid,

                                                                  The End
                                                        dated 9 February 2009
Re Written in 2011 / 20012         

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