Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Thursday, 12 January 2012

bomb alley kid No 41 after 56 not so goodnews

                                      Bomb Alley Kid
                                 No 41 after 1956 not so good

 Not being able to work and being in hospital,of course our saveings are dwindling fast, and the mortgage is getting behind with its payments,then to make things worse, one morning the Doctor asks me to come into his office after breakfast, when he tells me he has been intouch with Angelas Consultant,and her Surgeon, and the news is not good, in his opionion she will only have around one year tolive as the cancer is spreading fast,and has now spread to her other breast and she will have to have this one removed as well this is terrible news and  owing to me not being up to scratch,mylegs give out,and I callaps I really cant handle all this,but he says I will have to tell Angela in my own time, and we will both have to come to terms with it,this is thelast straw,nothing can be worse than this,and I wonder what we have done to deserve this fate,both of us have always been good religious people,I have followed the Bible teachings,but now I am having doubts,about God,and how do you tell someone who you love and adore that they only have a year to live,I always beleived that if you were a good christian God would be with you and help you and you should put your trust in him,I was a regular at chuch was in the chior,and everone who Angela worked with are praying for her to get well,this includes those who were of the jewish faith, Roman Cathlics, Chuch of England and chuch of Scotland,these were friends she worked with and neibours,so maybe things may tun out O K,Angela still comes to my hospital on Sundays to take me out for a ride  into the country and  get me into the fresh air,and away from the hospital  for awhile,its on one of these trips that we go to a place called the Queens View which overlooks Loch Lomond and the hills. around, and its here that I decide to tell Angela  the terrible news that I have been told.Angela takes all this in her stride,she is so strong,but says we will have to make the most of the time left and have some hollidays together with the boys,We have a friend  who has a cottage down in Summerset who on hearing this news says we must use this cottage for our hollidays together,Tess this woman is a friend of the family so we do take up her offer and spend some time  down there,You would never know Angela was so ill, because she is just like the Angela I married those years she says that the Doctors must be wrong,as she feels well.although she  still has to take all the  pills everyday.and does get tired quickly,and sleeps a lot.We  have a very nice church of scotland Minister who comes to see her at home and just talks to her, but not about her ilness just as a friend, he  then asks me if I would mind if he tried the laying of hands on Angela,as you can guess we will try anything that we think may do good,and so he does this for us on a day when Angela has to  retire to her bed. Tess our Friend says she will pay for Angela to go to America where she may get better treatment. Together Angela and I talk to her consultant about this but he says the treatment she is geting here  would be the same over there,so although its a great offer,it would only be a waste of Angela will have her other breast removed,how do you prentend to a woman who has lost both breast that she is still beautifull, beleive me its not easy, to look at a woman who has lost her womenly looks,and prentend she is just as lovely,but I still love her so very much that it not that  bad. especialy if it will help to keep her with me.                                                                                                         

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