Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Monday, 16 January 2012

Bomb Alley Kid No 42 after 1960,the last straw

Bomb Alley Kid No 42 after 1956 the last straw Angela is now very ill,and spends most of her time in Bed resting after her treatment at the hospital,I dont think any of the prays or laying of hands will ever save her now, she is so ill but I live in hope and still pray,then one afternoon I hear her call me,and when I go to the bedroom I find she has tried to get out of bed,and has fallen between the bed and the window, so now I must phone for a doctor as she is also in a lot of pain, when the doctor arrives she says that Angela must go to hospital so arranges for an ambulance to come and collect her.and take her to the Beatson Hoapsital in Glasgow in Hill street. We also had decided some months ago that we would have a porch added to the house, so this means there is deep trenches to overcome to be able to enter the front door,so this makes it a little difficut for them, as they are using a strether to carry Angela to the ambulance, they dont want to trip and slip in one of the trenches but they manage very well and get her into the ambulance,so I will follow in the car,at the Hospital I have to wait untill the porters get Angela into one of the wards and into bed then I am allowed to see her,Angela is not in so much pain now,but looks very ill,and she says to me that she knows that she is nearing the end,and that she will never come out of this hospital alive,I try to comfort her and tell her this is not so,and we will be home and all together again,but she says darling as a nurse I have seen this with other patients in my condition so I know what the end please make shure that you look after Glenn and Craig when I have gone,but I know you will because you have been such a good husband and father,once I leave and come home I have to tell the boys what has happened to Mum,but not that she will die.I visit every afternoon and evening for the next four months,I phone Jessy and Tony,and my keep them informed as to how things are, my friends are all shocked at the news,and offer help if and when I need it.Jessy Comes up to help me and to visit Angela,with Tony,then one day when I vist her,she ask me to bring in Glenn and Craig to see her so she can see them for a last time.I know she is very very ill now, and is using oxogen to help her to breath,so I know she is near departing this world,also she is on lots of drugs to dull the pain that she has,as we leave I ask the Sister that I be told at any time of day or night if she gets any worse,so I can be with her at the end.then at 9 am the next morning I recieve a phone call to say that Angela passed away at 4am that morning, I cant understand why they didnt phone me durng the night to say, I can only assume that they didnt know untill the morning staff came on duty that she had died,so and why did the night shift not know,I am too upset to make a fuss,but why again does this seem to happen to us.I now must make arangements for the funeral My Dad has come up and also Tony And Jessy, for Angelas funeral on the 4th October 1979,and Dad has stayed to help me to build a shed. Had Angela lived we would have made our 25th wedding aniversary the next year, Jessy Tony have to leave me to go back home, leaving me and dad to finnish off the shed,then he has to drive home as well,but will come up again in the next couple of months. so now I have to be mother and dad to Glenn and Craig,try to get back to work and earnsome the mortgage has built up to quite some amount,owing to all the days I have had to take off to look after Angela.

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