Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

bomb alley kid No 44 finnish it all

                                                   Bomb Alley Kid No 44
                                                           finnish it all

Clearing my old home out and dads working tools in his shed is so depressing, but with the
help of my cousin Len we manage to complete it all Ok, I would like to keep some of Dads

tools,so have put these aside. My cousin len will take  most of the others as dad used to
let him use them if ever he wanted to do a job up on the farm so they will be usefull to
him,the rest we will give away,Having flown down I will take my Dads Mini back to Scotland

with some of the things I wish to keep,also I can give Glenn the Mini,I have put the house

on the market so hope someone will buy it in the near future,
   Back home in Scotland { I suppose its still a home of sorts } I will try to pick up

some of the bussiness that I have lost owing to all the trouble I have had, but really I

dont care much,when Dads house is sold I will have to pay off all the money on the my

house,and overdraft,I must say that my bank manager,{Mr Dow.} has been exceptionly

understanding during all this time,one would not get the same to-day in 1999 i"me afraid.I

think I owe arround £9000 + interest.eventualy I hear from the estate agent in Canterbury

that Dads house has been sold,so thats going to pay off the mortgage and the interest. and a

little left over,Now I hear from my estate agent that the buyer has had a structual survey

done and has found that dads house will need a lot of work done to it  so has decided  to

reduce his offer,I  have a  good friend Den Williams who Angela stayed with has now done

well in the building market,so I ask him if he would take a look at it for me incase it is 

just a way of getting the house a lot cheaper,so Den will take a look for me and let me

know,but when he tells me that it is needing lot done, and he thinks it will take at least

£5000.00 to correct as its the foundations that are sinking,so I would be better to except a

lower offer,so again another blow, during my loss of Angela, and now my Dad,now this

problem,I have been thinking that I cannot carry on any more,so have decided that life is

not worth living anymore,and so have decided to end it all in the near future,useing the

exhaust pipe from my car,which I have heard is nice way to go and easy as you just slip into

sleep.and thats it,I once found a man in his car who had done this when I was out walking

one day.and he looked quite peacfull,so this is my idia of how to go.with the money left

from the sale I will buy a removal van so that Glenn and Craig can start out on there own in

bussiness.Unfurtunatly removals now seem to have taken a bad turn, so this dosnt work, The

girl Irene who is Glenns girl friend her father is a manager of a bread company,and so has

told Glenn he can give him a job driving for the Glenn takes on his offer.Craig

has also been offered a job with a Diving company,so will take this now I have to

sell a removal I will loose money .but now I really dont care any more. 

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