Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Bomb Alley Kid No 15.

                                                              Bomb Alley kid No 15

I am quite supprised that he is a man just like my dadand he seems quite  a nice man, but he appeares to be a little worried when the soldiers start to arive,they have come over from the searchlight company over near the woods.the soldiers throw a ring around the plane,and one of the soldiers climbs  into the cockpit,and the german pilot says to the sargent incharge to tell the man in the cockpit not to touch any of the buttons
because the guns on the plane are fully loaded,and have not been fired,you can see this is true as the covers over the  the guns are still intact,but the sargent seems to  ignore his advice,when suddenly there is a burst of cannon  shot from the plane,we all jump away with fright but luckly no one was in the line of fire from the cannon which fires through the nose cap of the propeller,had it been the wing guns  it would have killed anyone standing in front luckly there were only one or two soldiers in front forming the circle around the plane,and I guess the bullet from the cannon went between them without touching any of them,the German just looked at the seargent as if to say you fool what did I say to you I deresay he also thought I have left one idiot Hitler only to find another fool here in England.perhaps he wondered if all of us  were just as stupid,I must say it made some of us ashamed to be English.He was then taken off in one of the army lorries which had arrived at the field,we are told to leave by the  sargent, so after all that excitement we have to return to the work of collecting the hay,but there is still a dog fight going on above us with the fighters.We have to work untill it is too dark to see very well,but will return to-morrow to carry on with collecting the hay, but once again the
sirens go to say there is another raid imminent,but we  just  have to carry on getting the hay in,whilst we are workin we do hear the sound of heavy aircraft approaching, we look up to see Many German bombers comming over,and we can see the  German fighters weaving in and out between the bombers to proctect them,the grown ups wonder if we should take some kind of cover untill they pass over, but there seems to be many many bombers,mostly Junkers it  seems that there are hundreds of them,as they seem to fill the sky,then we  see other fighters come and these seem to be mostly Hurricans and Spitfires who sweep out from the sun at the back of the Germans, and they start to weave in and out after the Messersmits ,we watch as this fight goes on,and see one or two bombers with smoke comming from them,so they must have been hit.
the German fighters realise they are under attack,so they break away to intecept our chaps,our figher planes are out numbered,I must admit I have not seen so many german planes at one time.we can see little puffs of smoke from ack ack guns  shells exploding among the bombers,some are hit some seem to get through O K.  

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