Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Saturday, 4 December 2010

BombAlley Kid No 16

                                                                  Bamb Alley Kid No 16

Next day while we are waiting for my uncle to collect us from home, we hear a terrible screaming sound of an aircraft diving,for a minute we think its a dive bomber because there is one almighty bang, and our house shakes, when we run outside to see what has happened we can see a cloud of smoke riseing from up the road,so me my mum, and  some of my pals run out  to the road  and can see a fire  burning away up near the Convent on the road to Margate and Ramsgate.also we can hear lots of smal cracks going off these are bullets exploding,  what we now know is that a plane  has crashed in the field,the soldiers have already arived at the site,and warn us to keep our distance,as the cracks that we hear are bullets going off in the fire,one soldier has already been hit in his leg we are told, I wonder what kind of plane it was, and are told it was a spitfire,and had just dived straight down into the ground after being shot down by a messersmitt,people say he had hit the ground so fast that the sound of his engine could  still be heard after he hit the ground and blown up.once the fire has been put out we can see a big hole like a bomb creater where it went in,later on in the afternoon they start to dig out whatever they can find,and people are collecting bits  to hand back to the soldiers,one little pld lady that I am near asks one of the soldiers if she can keep a small piece of what she thinks is  a part of the uniform of the pilot,but the soldier says no after looking at it, because it is a piece of skin,and look like a bit of ear.I guess there isnt very much of him left after that explosion,and impact.  We retrn to our house later and find that my Uncle  had not come to collect us anyway,so me and  my mates go to play after dinner in the field. .Next day we go up to see the hole that the plane made and find the soldiers are digging bits and pieces out from the site,I guess they are looking for what ever might be left of the pilot, they seem to have dug down about ten  or fifteen feet but looks like all they can find is twisted metal,this bit of ground is an old roman  field, and they say that there are roman soldiers burried there,if this is true the he has crashed  in a old roman Cementry, how queer that is, as it will be his last resting place.The hole where he crashed has never been filled in,and in the summer months a lot of wild daisies grow all around the edge of the pit as if its a proper grave.{ weird. } and this goes on every year.The bodies from the German plane that we saw crash near broad Oak are burried in the cemetry oppisite my home,and I ask my Mum why they are burried far away in the top right hand corner of the cemetery out of the way,with small little crosses of wood.,and Mum say this is unconsecrated ground,and not blessed by a minster or priest, I ask why, and mums says its becouse they are heathen people. and not Christians,this to my way of thinking is not a very Christian attitude,because after all they are people and rembering the German Pilot that came down in Uncle Jacks  field he was quite a nice man. and someone must love these men. even if they are German.I even ask the Vicar, and he said because they were evil souls they cannot be burried in concentrated gound which has been blessed  by a minister.or priest, as they are not christian.this makes me wonder rabout the saying by Christ when he was hanging on the cross, as the Bible tells us that he was said to have said,{ father forgive them as  they know not what  they do } so can we not say the same about these pilots..this makes me wonder about some of things in the Bible that we are ask to believe.

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