Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bomb Aleey No 17

                                                                      Bomb Alley Kid No 17

One day my dad comes home from work,he tells us that the Germans are fireing big shells accrooss the chanel ,and they are landing  in and around Dover one of the troubles with these are there are no warnings just a sudden peop[le are a bit on edge,as they dont know when the next one will be or where,we hear that one  landed quite close to Canterbury,they say about  six miles away.but I dont know where.but this means it must have travelled about thirty miles accross the channel to reach that far,I know if you stand on the top cliffs  at Dover you can see  the French coast outline,which we know is only twentyone miles away.One evening when I come home from school,Mrs Rose is in my house  { she is the mother of Raymond } and she is crying her heart out,Mum say I should go out to play  with some of my pals,and will call me to come in later,I wonder what the trouble is  or what can be wrong,but I go and call on Derek and Roger and Jean and Pam butler and we  play at soldiers untill much later when my Mum calls me in for tea,then I ask her why Mrs Rose was so upset and crying its then that Mum tells me that Ramond has been killed,apparently  his squadron where taking off on a night raid to Germany,when they had flown up into an American Squadron  overhead,  and had collided with these other bombers, and had blown up with of some other bombers, American and British all being killed,as they were all loaded with bombs,I am really sad  on hearing this as I really looked on Ramond as a big brother,and rember him saying he coulnt wait to go on a sortie,but he never even made it out of England  or had the chance to go on a raid,or fire his guns in anger at the Germans,This actualy upsets me as well, because I rember him in his uniform, and how pleased he was to get his wings, this also makes me cry, and is not a very good day for anyone who knew him.I am beginning to realise that war is not as exciting as I thought it was,what with the children being killed in Sturry who were friends, and now Raymond,I cant get it into my head that I will never see him again.or anyone of my school friends that were killed in the bombing of Sturry.

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