Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bomb alley kid No 14

                                                             Bomb Alley Kid  14

To day is the funeral of one of our school friends killed in the Sturry Bombing,He is to be buried in the little church in Fordwich,so we will walk down to the church for the service, and internment,on our way we have to go through Sturry or what is left of it,I have seen bomb creaters before but they are usualy small maybe 12 -15 ft accross compared. b ut the ones in Sturry must be at least 40 to 50 ft diameterand are now full of water so they look like ponds,there ar many opiples of bricks and wood which used to be houses and shops of the villiage,where once we bought our groceries,  after the service in Fordwich and come home my Mum say that my Uncle Jack is commimg back to help with the farm,he has been driving buses in london during the war,and has married a girl from the west end of London,and thinks it better  and safer to bring her home to help with the farm. her name is Jean and she will live with us I must admit she is really very pretty,she also wears high heel shoes, and nylon stockings,probbaly bought on the black markett as no one we know can get nylon stockings .and  fancy clothes,my Mum says she is really not  a girl to take up farming,, or settle down to country life.
         My Dad has to be on duty most night now with the other men,untill late of night their building where they keep the fire engine  is at  the moment a makeshift mortuary Dad says its weird knowing there are still some of the bodies in the other little room  next to theirs,but there is  a
funnyside to this, as the electric meter is in this room where the bodies are,and during the evening the lights go out,this is because you have to put money into it every so often to keep it going,and the meter is down the other end of the room,so someone will have to pass down betwen the bodies to reach it, and they only have a torch to find the way to the meter between the corpses,this makes it rather ghostly, so they decide to  cut cards to see who the meter and put the money in it but eventualy the bodies are moved out to be burried and layed to rest.poor souls
 .      Gradualy things are getting back to normal,we can now  get back to going to school as we could not  go owing to all the disruption caused by the bombing.I have been to Canterbury with my Mum a few times on the bus and looked around Barrets the the big  toy shop in Canterbury  near the Westgate Towers,and sometimes Mum buys me a Dinky day when we get home Raymond is home on leave,  he look great in his R A F uniformand he has half wings over his top pocket this shows he is a Navigater come Airgunner,this is different for a pilot as he has complete wings over his pocket.Rayomnd say he cant wait to have a go at the German bombers, and fighters should he get the chance, I wish I could join up as well, and fly the big bombers or fighters that we see going over to bomb Germany,Raymond says he will get me a set of wings so that my Mum can sew them onto my jacket, this would be great.
        Uncle Jack has ask Mum and Dad if we can come up to the farm to-morrow, and help to harvest the hay,and corn so next day we cycle up to give a hand,this is good fun, as sometimes I am aloud to drive the tractor that tows the trailer on which we put the hay.I am too small to be able to reach the top of the hay on the trailer with the pitchfork also it pretty heavy to lift for me.altough there ar still a few dog fights going on during the day we have to keep working as the harvest must be brough in and stored in his barn,so we are able to watch the fights in the air between  the German s and our men.One aferrnoon while we are still working up at the farm we are stopped to have something to eat and drink we hear and see a Messersmit we notice that he is getting lower and lower and not going very fast also there is a Spitfire flying very low  as if he is landing on the Messersmit to our amazement the German isnt firing any of his guns,and really he could shoot at us as we would be easy targets out in the field,we can see that he will crash in the next field if he dosnt pull up quick,but he dosnt and does what we call a belly flop landing in the next field to ours,all the men, and us begin to run to see what  has happened to him,by the time we reach him he is getting out of the planes cockpit meanwhile the Spitfire has returned and does his victory roll then come back yet again, and waves to the German pilot,who waves back to him this is something  most unusual.I have never been so close to a plane that is still in the air, and the noise is terrific at that low hight.meanwhile the German Pilot put up his hands  in the serender attitude,He look really grand in his uniform which is a greyish in coulour but blueish,with a peak cap,when one of the men approach him he speaks in perfect English and say he has come to serender to the English as he is finnished with the silly man called Hitler,he thn goes into his cockpit and takes out a siutcase that will do him while he is a prisoner in England,He also cuts with a penknife  the swastiker from the tailplane,and gives it to one of the men,also he hands over his luger pistol to one of the others,warning them that it is loaded and to be carefull.wiith it.I am supprised that he is Just like my Dad not in looks, but is a normal man, and seems very nice.not a monster like I thought all Germans were.

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