Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bomb Alley No 10

                                                                              Bomb alley kid No 10

One of my pals  Roger goodman had been over at the soldiers,when the siren sounded, and was  going to go home,he  had seen the aircraft so he had taken shelter behind one of the big trees around the  big house before crossing the road  to get to his home, and he said he had seen the bomb hit the pavement, and bounce before exploding with a big flash of light and a bang,at this point I looked down the lane to see my Mum being supported by my Dad comming up from their allotment down at the railway,and we all think that she has been hurt or hit by a bullet,Dad says she is O K and is just in shock because the bullets from the planes had spayed over the top of them,but my Mum had started to run,and Dad had to push her down onto the  ground and hold her there,because he said if the pilots had seen two figures runing away they would have done their best to shoot them up, he said the worst thing anyone  can do is get up and run,because you are an easy target.I was relieved that my Mum was O K,But the next thing is to go to the house that was blown up,now this house was made  from wood and  brick so it had folded up like a pack of cards but no one had been seriously hurt,but there was a funnyside to this because when my Dad said to the man he could take off his tin helmet he said  no,as he could feel the hot blood running down his head and shoulders and face and said  he thought his helmet was keeping his brain in.his skull, as he had been hit on the head with something heavy and large, granted his helmet had a dent in it but what he thought was blood was  hot water from the water tank in the roof of his house so it had a happy ending in this case.The women stayed behind to help  clear up the mess,and help the women whose house it was to find clothes and toys from the rubble.the men cleared as much rubble as they could but by this time the soldiers from the the big house had also arrived, and ready to help.They said they think  that the planes had seen a train that had just left Sturry this would be why they had opened fire on the railway,and the bomb was meant for the army convoy that had just passed on  the road to Magate  they said that they had tried to assemble their bren guns,but by the time they got to their trenches to do this it was all other than the house everything was O K and no one was really hurt.Dad and the other farthers are on duty to-night,so we decide to sleep in the shelter to-night.                         

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