Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

life after 1945 no5

                                                                                 After 1945 No 5.

Had a loveley weekend with Angela,and am so pleased that we are still together,alsoI hear that my old school pal Len Smith is being called up and is also going into the R A F,another pal Derek Butler is also in the R A F,and maybe joining me on my unit at Ruislip so I will have some company to travel with at weekends,this gives me an idia,if I apply to the C O and ask permission to bring my car onto camp, we can drive home every weekend together,I fill in the aplication form which he will sign and  if I am lucky I may get the O K eventualy to bring my car onto camp,lots of the chaps have their cars on camp and some their motorcycles,sometimes  I go with one of the lads  in his car,for runs into the town or the Lido which is in a park near the camp.
         The morning that I have to  report to the Dental Centre  I am told  by the wing commander in charge that I shall be working in the store,this is  a supprise to me, as I undrstood that I would be working in the lab,I ask this wing Cmdr why,and he say that beacause I have  less than a year to go,its not worth him allowing  me into the work.I am told by other staff that this wing cmdr is a right snob and treats everyone under him as if they were out of the gutter,this even includes  other Officers  and underlings,anyway they say that he is due to leave very soon and we will have another one come take his place, I am disapointed that I will not work in the laboratory as the  flt Sarge  had hoped but I can still catch up on a few tips from  the other dental  lads and even cast a few impressions  for them WOW !! how great  I will really learn from that. but its nice of them to  let m do odd things.but the wng cmdr  must never find out.or we will all be for it.this dental Hospital is very small but deals with all the very high ranking officers such as Air Officer Comanding,. {  AOC } these Officers are like gods  or they think they  are, but I suppose if you are that high up in rank  they a are,because you cant get any higher, or you would be higher than the Duke of Edinburgh, and you cant  do  that. because there is no rank higher than they are equal..I have an uncle thats a wng Cmdr so I hope he dosnt come into the hospital as I would have to treat him like any other officer.couldnt Call him uncle Dave could I ?? so I hope he never has to come in.
         Because there  are so many diffierent  officers from other Nations  in london its hard to know  who are  intitled to a salute,and many  lads have been charged  for not doing just that its even got to state where we are throwing salutes up to a doorman, at a hotel, so we hear that  they are  going to request tthat we should wear civvies to and from the centre,  and change into our uniforms at the centre,so now we will wear civvies from now on,I  have at last recieved  permission  that I can  bring my car on  camp this means that when I go home this weekend I can come back in my car,and then Derek and I can travel together at weekends.Derek will come down to the Dental Centre and  meet me there,after all is working out O K just like being in civvie street.I  meet the Flt Sgnt that got me the transfere one evening and he say he was sorry to hear I had not been let into the Dental laboratory as a Technician, as he had intended but I say  thats  its O K,  anyway and not his fault,he did what he thought was best for me.only thing is I  will never get any promotion, still not to worry.
       the New wng Cmdr  has arrived and he seems a nice chap. ex bomber pilot,and is  like other officers who are automaticly pilot officers if they are dentists,and most of the ones in the centre are ex pilots who flew in the war, and are more one of the boys than  officers.great  chaps,only one trouble with these guys is now that the other wng. cmdr. is away. they tend to treat the place like home,they hold parties at the weekends, and  some are a little wild  and because there are beds  in the  hospital,for recoveries, they have girls in over the weekends, eventualy they are told that it must stop or at least cut down on it, these chaps even take the lads out for drinks sometimes but they could  get into  trouble for doing this, because other ranks are not supposed to mix with officers in the R A F there are Officers Messes, Seargents messes, Cpls messes, and otrher ranks messes. the  R A F is very snobby, and you have to rember your position..and not mix with these other ranks in or off camp the .but dont think many take much notice of this order.except if you are on the camp.    

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