Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Thursday, 22 September 2011

after 1945 No 7

After 45 No 7/

I am now earning a decent wage so Angela and I can go out for drives in
the evenings,and meet the lads, have a drink,so  we all get along well
having fun and going to the dances,I am shure Angela and I are really
meant for each other  because we get along so well together,also she is
a terrific dancer, I wonder if  I ask her, if she might say yes to us
getting engaged,and get married in the future,its a big dicision to
make, but I really do love her,and she does love me, and feels that we
were made for each other.but it would mean having to look for somewhere
to live, like getting a flat or house somewhere,so I will need to pick
the right time and place to ask her.anyway after going to a dance one
evning we are sitting in the car outside Mrs Kennets and I decide hat
this might be the right time to ask her to marry I pop the
question, and to my delight she says she would love to.,so we will
start looking at engagement rings, but I will have to tell my Mum and
Dad, and wonder what their reaction will be.also we will have to tell
Tony and Jessy this may be a bit awkward because Tony and I dont really
get on all that well,but because Angela hasnt lived with them for
sometime  it might be a little easier  because Angela has become more
independent these days after living at Mrs Kennets but  we will have to
see,when we mention it to Freda and her boyfriend Jeff they say that
they are also going to get engaged  as well  so that good for them .
now I must tell Mum and Dad,My Dad says he has no objections, and he
likes Angela  very much, but  says it is a big dicision for us both,
and hopes we have thought things through.but is all for it if thats
what we Mum isnt so shure she says there is a lot difference
going out with a girl, but when you get married you have more
responseabilities.also Mum says I will have a lot of trouble  trying to
marry a Cathlic girl. and should  we have children they will insist
that we bring them up in the Catholic Faith,also  they will insist that
I change my faith to theirs. Mum beleives one should be allowed to
choose your faith,and Cathlics are not allowed to do that,I mentioned
all this to Angela,next time we meet, and she says that she has not 
been to church for a very long time.and also dosnt beleive how the
chuch  treat their members, and do dominate them so isnt really all
that bothered, and as regards her brother Tony, he can take a running
jump as far she is concerned,so we will go and see  the priest and see
how he reacts to us,and our thoughts of Marriage.Jessy is delighted
about us getting married, and thinks we make a lovley couple.Tony I
feel  is not of,the same oppinion, but Angela says she is over
twentyone, so he has no control over what she decides to make of her
decisions.or life.

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