Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Monday, 18 October 2010

                                    Part 7

The war has being going on now for some time,and the siren never seeming to give out the all clear and so we tend to sleep down the shelter more often,and when we go to school we seem to spend more time in the brick shelters than in the clasrooms,we play more games in the shelters, more than doing school work,thats  if we  manage to get to school in the first place without an air raid siren giving out a raid warning,if we are nearer the school we go to the school but it we are nearer to our homes, then we can go home again,we seem to go home more times than school, many of my friends dads have had letters telling them to register for  the forces,so they can be called up at any time,my Dad has to register with the other Dads and I do hope he will not be called up,and have to go away.Raymond the  boy next door has also had to register as well,and he hopes he can get into the R A F,These days we seem to watch a lot of fights between the R A F and the German  air force these are called dog fights,most of these dog fights are between Spitfires and Messersmitts, and if  a spitfire or hurrican pilot shoots down
German he will do a low lever barrel roll over the  fields,  and you can even see the pilot in the cockpit and very often we can wave to him,and sometimes he will come back over and  he will sort of wiggle his wings as if to wave back or at least to say he saw us wave to him,then he will go back up into the fight,but perhaps  this time he will be shot down and killed who knows ? of course to us lads this is all very exciting, and we would all like to up there shooting   down the Germans.

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