Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

bomb alley kid page 6

                                                                                                            Bomb Alley Kid No page 6

Whilst  we live in Wales  Mum and I  start to use the local trains to visit other parts of Wales.such as Colwyn Bay,  Llanduno,Porthmadog,sometime we take Gorden and his britherAlunwho are now good mates of mine and of my Mum,I have even had tea with themand they with me, we also go the the pictures { Movies } but  I am not really excepted by the majority  of the other  Welsh kids,but who cares they are not  worth bothering about anyway, or the teacher, who still tends to ignore me, and just speaks in Welsh, so I am not being tought very much,except that the Welsh dont like  the English very much but I think they are ignorant  people and live in the past.My Dad has written to say he may be able to come up and see us in a few days time as he has some leave to come,this good  and I cant wait to see him,then on one Friday evening there is a knock on the door  just as we are getting ready for bed,the lady that we stay with answers it,then  runs up the stairs to tell mum there is a man  who wishes to see her,Mum new  all along that it would be dad, but had not said anything to me so that it would be a lovely supprise,I can hear  someone comming up the stairs and I just think this is Mum returning to our room,but when the door opens to our room its my Dad who comes through,I cant believe it and throw my armes around him and give him a big big hug and start to cry because I am so happy to see him after all this time, also my Dad is nearly crying as well,it is a very emotional time for us all.Dad has two suitcases with him and asks me to start  opening one of them to unpack it,as I start to unpack it I find under some of the clothes there is  a wooden box about eighteen inchs  square,and six inches deep I ask dad what itis  and he says to open,so I take off the lid  and when i do  I find there are lots of  toy soldiers for me to play with,then under a layer of cotton wool there is a scale model of a Sunderland Flyingboat all opainted silver and with the roundels of the R A F on it.that Dad has made for me,and he says it is made  from Bolsawood that they use in the factory when they make a mock up the real piece that they want made for  some part of the plane or to alter  a piece before  moulding it in Aluminium.he has also put the date on it like a registration No.1944.under more cotton wool  there is another model plane this is of a spitfire, and also an American mustang fighter plane, all  the aircraft have ben made to scale from plans.that Dad has,I really cant find words to thank him so very much he  just says it to thank me for looking after Mum, and helping her while we have been apart.thats  tipical of my dad  he would find  something like that to say because thats my dad.he rally is a great dad  and he still found time to make these thing for me  even thogh he must have very busy delivering the parts  for the real planes,I shall always treasure these all of my life { I still have these even now }  I  wont play with these because I may break some parts off them if I do, so will keep them as  display models while Dad is  her with us we go for walks, and play bowles on the local bowling green,which makes the centre of the Square where we No. fifteenthe square.Bleanau  Ffestinog. We also go to that cinema shed,I tell Dad how they seem to hate the English up here,and that I only have two friends Gorden and Allun,I  tell him that even the teacher only speaks Welsh although she can speak english, so dad says not tolet it bother me because he thinks the war will not last verymuch the American and British troops are  taking more and more ground in france everyday,so the news  is good and  so just stick it out for a little while longer,and we will be able to come home,also they are re-building our house back home.but dads  leave is  comming to an end  and he will have to return back to Chatham and his job.with Short Brothers.How I wish  Mum and iI could go with him, and leave this day Mum and I help dad to pack the cases again, to be readyto catch the train tomorrow morning and  I hear my Dad say to Mum while we are having our tea,that the Germans have a new kind of bomb which we call a V. I. rocket  which is packed with high explosives and are being fired off towards London,the  trouble with these things  is one nver knows where or when  they are going to come down,so you have now warning they are coming  they are launched up into the air to  agreat hight ,and so cant be detected by radar,and  planes cant catch them because no one knows where they are or when they are on their way.
               In the morning we walk Dad to the station with sadness as we shall miss him so very much it has been great to have him with us again, even if it was a very short visit.Mum and I cant help but to cry as we wave goodbye to Dad as the train pulls out of the station,once the train is out of site we walk slowly back to our room.\mum says that come to-morrow we will take a train to the seaside,and take Gorden an Allun with us.after this day,and ariveing back after our day outI look at my Soldiers and the three planes that dad made for me and again I cant help but start to cry myself to sleep thinking of my dad, and how happy we all were being together morning I ask Gordens Mum if he and Allun can come with Mum and I as we are going to Porthmadog and the sea,she says yes, so we spend the day playing on the beach and walking around the town looking in the shops.and having tea, then we have to catch the train back to Bleanau.On the radio the news is good because we are still pushing the German army back in France,Mum  aranges another train trip for us to-morrow to a town called Colwyn Bay another seaside town Gorden and Allun come with us again and we have a nice day out once again We decide to go fishing in the river near where we stay and catch some little stickle backs and put them into a jarwhich I take back to  our room and put  them next to my planes on the sideboard,tomooow  will try to draw one of the mountains called Moelwyn Mawr { meaning big } and the other one called Moelwyn Bach, { meaning Small }so this i do and draw in my book that I bought in Porthmafog { and I still have these  to-day }

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