Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Monday, 3 October 2011

After 1945 No 26

        after 1945 No 26

Now ,we can make a we seem to have sorted out the basic problems,we can make a decision  as to our wedding,arrangments together we have chosen the 22nd of September 1956 and to have our honneymoon somewhere nice and warm,so we have  decided that a town called San Remo just inside the Italian boarder sounds lovley,so we  have  decided  to book this through Thomas Cook of course we will not tell anyone about it.and keep it a secret. of course now people know we are getting married they keep asking where we  are going for our honneymoon so we have to say we havnt decided as yet.when we eventualy are married  we will have to ask Tony or someone to take us to the ferry terminal at Dover  to catch the fery over to france,from there we will travel down through France  by train to Marseillie and change  to another train which runs along the French Riveria to San all is arranged, now all we have to do is look forward to the wedding day,we have to go to the chuch twice a week in the evenings  and listen to the priest babble on mostley in latin, { which we dont understand  }  apparently this is usual in the cathlic church,its really to get us  to rember when we  will have to come in during the wedding service.and respond .at last  the  very important wedding day arrives and  all the recording equipment  has been set up for Billy to do his recording, then then  are told that we shall be married on the side alter.not the main alter,this is because Angela is Cathlic and I am Church of England  and  I have not taken up the Cathlic  faith.its funny but the Side Alter is more  or less the same as the Main Alter, cant see what the real reason is  for his decision. but we are not really botherd lets just get on with the  Marriage,   I must say that the Church is relly been decked out lovley  with lots of beatifull  flowers,The organ begins to play and Angelas  and her Dad  start the long walk up the isle,I take a quick look back and I must say Angela looks absolutly  beatifull  just like a filmstar.  at last  it comes to the part where we have to say I take the Angela  Mary Kenny,to be my Lawfull wedded wife an Angela replies  with I do. then its the same thing repeated and its my turn to say I will,Then Eric my Best man { who was good enough to stand in  in place of Alan who was called to go to the Suez }. at the last minute. gives me the ring which the priest  blesses and tell me to put it onto Angelas Finger,and then  pronounces us Man and Wife.I know now that I am a responsable for another persons welfare.

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