Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Saturday, 18 September 2010

update on Bomb alley kid.

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                                       continueing with my story.No 2

 Rogers Brothers Friend is another big boy who lives nextdoor  to me,I like Raymond because he lets me go with him when he goe out to fly his model airoplane,in the field next to  our house,this field belong to the man in the big house over the other side of the road from ours and he owns the bucher shop in the village,but he lets us play in the field.he is called Mr Young but  we mustnt play in the field when its time to collect the hay,because we would flatten the grass, and the mower  woulnt be able to get every piece.I know this because my Gran and Grandad have a farm about  a mile and a half from where I live my Mum and dad have a chicken Farm on some of their ground my Mum tends to look after this as my Dad has to deliver flower to the bakers around Kent,so works all day.
         My Mum and I have to go up to collect the eggs in the evenings and to feed the chickens so we take our  dog with us  for a walk,she is called Rita.and is my best pal,sometime we go on our cycles up to the farm,but this evning we decide to walk so we take Rita  with us because she like to go into the woods and find Rabbits  to chase.this day she goes into the wood and on her way back to us she jumps into the rad just as a motorcyclist come by and she is hit by him but he dosnt stop  to say sorry but continues on his way but Rita is reall hurt and lays there  kicking and yelping,we dont know what we can do to ease her pain so I run back to our house and get my Dad but he must be still working so is not at home,I run back to Mum and Rita but Mum says there is nothing anyone can do as she has died  When Dad comes in from work he is upset as well, but says he will go and collect Rita, and bring her back home Dad puts her into her basket and bed,I had hoped she would wake up and  still be alive  in the morning but no such luck. so dad  and Me  dig a big hole in the morning and wrap her in her blanket so that we can bury her in our garden just where she used to lay in the sun.Dad says I should go out and meet my friends and play,and he will fill in the hole while I am playing.this is a big and very sad day for us all, as she was part of our family,it takes a very long time  to get over this very sad time.for all of us.but at that time  little do I know what I will see and hear in the future years.
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