Bomb Alley Kid 2011

Bomb Alley Kid 2011
Title plate created by Ronnie B Goodwin

Sunday, 19 September 2010

bomb alley kid page 3

                                                                                                    continuation of  Story page 3
so far the war has been very quiet,but one Saturday afternoon when we are out playing in the field,we hear the engine of a plane,looking up  we see the plane  so I run into the house to tell my mum to come out and see it,while we watch it we see a black object fall from the plane, and it goes into a very steep dive with  a high pitched screening noise,so we think it is going to crash,my mum thinks the black object is the pilot who has baled out,but the plane begins to pull out of it dive and banks back to the way it had come from,then we hear a dull bang somewhere over in the distance then the airaid siren goes on, warning us of an air raid,a little late I think, when my Dad come home we tell him about it,  he says it was a German stucker dive bomber, and it was a bomb that exploded some where near St.Stephens or  Tyler Hill,this is near  where my other Uncle Richard and my Aunt Flow and my two cousins  John and Cyril have a farm,as far as Dad knows the bomb didnt do any  harm and just fell into a field.

                                                                                                            will add more  later

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